how to be safe golfing in the heat

Posted on 7/3/2024

It's SO important to be smart about outdoor activities during these extreme temperatures here in Houston, Texas. The following tips are a reminder how to keep healthy on the golf course, and yes, I practice all of them and then some! **Get early tee times. **Don’t overexert yourself. **Seek shade whenever possible. **Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. **Stay hydrated. (remember to hydrate regularly before, during and after a round of golf or any sport. **Grab a cart. **Play just 9 holes, and if you're feeling any symptoms, go inside and hydrate immediately. Be safe and enjoy this wonderful game! Happy 4th of July! Click below

Junior Golfers, Get them started young

Posted on 6/30/2024

The importance of starting our kiddos with golf lessons at a young age can make all the difference in their love of the game and if they continue pursuing it into adulthood. This little guy is just 4, and he started with me when he was just 3. He comes in the cold weather, the hot weather, and the improvements are great. He rarely complains, and we sometimes take a moment to watch a passing butterfly or squirrel. I also started golf at 4 years old, thanks to my Dad. Now I have the privilege of teaching my love of golf to all of my students. Get those kiddos off the electronics and outdoors. Golf offers many advantages to all kinds of kids with all different backgrounds, talents and interests. I look forward to many years of sharing this "game/sport"! See you all on the range.

Student of Matt Schewe wins Tournament

Posted on 6/19/2024

I'm so proud of this student of mine for working so hard and always having such a great attitude. I always look forward to your golf lessons with me! Click below to see story

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on 6/12/2024

Would you like to honor all of the Dads, Uncles, Husbands, Brothers and any other Father figures in your lives? A golf lesson is a great gift. If you would like to treat your loved one to a golf lesson, give me a call, text or email. We can arrange something special. Matt Schewe 713-291-8861 or

Happy Birthday, Matt Schewe

Posted on 5/30/2024

Please click the link below to wish Matt Schewe a happy birthday!

4 year old keeps practicing even in 95 degrees

Posted on 5/23/2024

This young man keeps practicing even in 95°! He is pretty incredible, especially for four years old. Now that the heat and humidity have come back to the Houston area, remember these tips to stay healthy. **Get early tee times. **Don’t overexert yourself. **Seek shade whenever possible. **Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. **Stay hydrated. (remember to hydrate regularly before, during and after a round of golf or any sport. **Grab a cart.

Ex NFL Ken Hamlin

Posted on 5/16/2024

Look who came out for a golf lesson today. Ken Hamlin, former NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. Ken is very serious about his game, and he made some really nice improvements to an already great swing today. We just fine tuned a few things and now he is ready to go. It was great seeing you, Ken! I love my job!

Ex NFL Chicago Bear Lemuel Stinson

Posted on 5/7/2024

Had a great time giving ex NFL Chicago Bear, Lemuel Lemonhead Stinson a golf lesson. He just wanted a little tune-up, and he is ready to go slay the golf course. Great seeing you!

Posture and set-up is the core to your golf game

Posted on 4/26/2024

Posture and Set-up is Core to your Golf Game! Try this drill: Use a fence or even a wall to help you with your posture and takeaway. **Put your back close to the fence **Tilt from the hips (no hunching over) **Let your arms hang down naturally from your body **Take club back slightly inside without hitting the fence **Follow through without hitting the fence behind you or in front of you. This drill is great to help with trajectory and direction of your golf ball. Click on Check this out below!

Honoring my dad

Posted on 4/14/2024

I miss him everyday, my Dad, the reason I am a PGA golf pro. Everyday I thank him for introducing me and encouraging me to play golf. I tell my wife everyday that I do not have a job, but I have a place I go where I do what I Love to do. Thank you, Dad Click below to see how I honor my Dad today, the Master's final day 2024!

THe Masters Weekend! Like the superbowl in my family

Posted on 4/13/2024

The Masters weekend! It's always been like the golf superbowl in my family! Love this course. Who do you want to win? Check out and click below

perfect finish

Posted on 4/9/2024

PERFECT FINISH WOW Creating a great finish like this will allow you to have more power and hit straighter shots. Try this next time you go to the practice range: On your downswing, shift your weight from the inside of your right foot to the inside of your left foot. Try to relax as you shift the weight, and it will be easy for you to get to the position where your belt buckle is facing the target upon completion. Starting with very slow swings will teach you balance, and you will achieve a great finish position. Click below

My Friend Scarface (Brad Jordan) Endorses me!

Posted on 3/25/2024

My friend, Brad (as I call him), a.k.a. Scarface is on tour now, and I miss seeing him at our weekly lessons. He has put the work into his game over 10 years taking lessons with me. Wow, he has improved, and I'm proud of him. Go see him in concert! I look forward to when he returns and we resume our weekly lessons.

How to grip the club like a tour player

Posted on 3/16/2024

A great grip is one of the keys to being able to release the club. You should be able to look down and see two knuckles on your top hand. The bottom hand should be neutral. This grip helps the clubface be square at impact. Use this grip to create straighter golf shots. Remember, light grip pressure is always best. Sounds simple, but most people have their left hand with no knuckles showing. Click on the check this out link below! See you at the range at Pearland Golf Club.

Taking time to laugh, relax and reset is important

Posted on 3/4/2024

Last night my wife, Shawn, and I had a million laughs at the Bayou Music Center in Houston. Kevin James is so funny. We loved him on his show King of Queens, but we never expected to laugh for a solid hour. He is so funny, and it was great to have a night off and just have fun and laugh. The venue was great, super helpful staff. Highly recommend going there for any show. One reason I post fun things is because I have a strong belief that when we laugh, have fun, just relax and let go, all areas of our lives can improve. We take ourselves too seriously. By taking the time to just have fun, when you go back to your jobs, families and even your golf game, you have in essence pressed the reset button. Golf is definitely a sport of concentration and skill, but when we are fresh, happy and relaxed, we play better. See you at the range, Matt

Starting Kids in Golf Lessons Young

Posted on 2/24/2024

This little guy makes my day. We have so much fun together in our weekly golf lessons. He is the same age that I was when my Dad started me golfing. Check out his amazing swing at 4 years old!!!!!!!! Way to go Jacob. When I was 4 my Dad started me golfing, and I was in love with it from the get go. I also played baseball, football and wrestled early on as well. As I grew older, I chose golf myself and still do today. I believe that when a child chooses what he/she wants as their main sport, they tend to stick with it and carry it on throughout their lives. I love seeing the kids come out to the range, take lessons, joining the golf team and taking part in tournaments. What a great sport!


Posted on 2/13/2024

TROUBLE SHOTS NEAR A FENCE OR TREE (Matt's Upside Down Lefty Shot) Find your last shot near a fence or next to a tree? This is a great shot to get you out of trouble. Keep your back-swing short to ensure good contact. Placing the ball in the back of your stance will allow the ball to roll more and stay under the trouble. Click below for a short video demonstrating how I like to get out of these tricky positions. Have a great week. See you on the range at The Pearland Golf Club . Come say hello to me!

Matt joins PGA Find A Coach

Posted on 2/1/2024

Happy to be a member of PGA's Find a Coach. Always taking continuing education and expanding my coaching knowledge and what's "new" out there. Find a PGA coach in your area. It's a great tool to find qualified PGA Teaching Professionals. 713-291-8861

Memories of my Dad and golf

Posted on 1/25/2024

As I have mentioned, my wonderful Dad passed away on December 23, 2023. While I was at my dad’s with family last week, I found this silver cup we won from a golf tournament we played in together in 1975 at Panther Valley our Country Club in New Jersey. I love that he kept it all these years. To me, it meant that it was very important to him. I remember playing in father/son tournaments at our country club, and we always had such a good time. I remember him always taking more time to look at my shots than his own. That's just the way he always was to me. He nurtured my love of golf and unknowingly carved out my future as a PGA Pro. We had a wonderful flag service for him, honoring his time in the Navy as an expert marksman. ⛳🥰🥰🥰

Don't Stop Practicing Golf In Colder Weather

Posted on 1/7/2024

DON'T STOP PRACTICING GOLF IN THE WINTER 1. Stretching and exercising will keep your body tuned up when you’re not moving around as much in the winter. 2. Putting indoors on your carpet will keep your stroke sharp when you’re on the golf course again. Take three golf balls and a plastic cup and start about 3 feet out. When you make three in a row back up to 5 feet and so on. 3. Check your Grip often. Leave an old club in your house and when you walk by it pick it up and check your grip. This will make your grip more comfortable the next time you get outside to hit some balls. 4. Check your posture indoors in a mirror. Tilt from the waist with no hunching. Keep your knees slightly flexed. Keep your weight centered on both feet. Let your arms hang down comfortably from your body. 5. Work on your tempo. Take a golf club outside on your back patio, and just make some very smooth swings; 10 or 20 swings per day will keep you tuned up.

Matt's Dad -His Golf mentor

Posted on 12/29/2023

Our Dad passed away on December 23. He taught me golf, and fishing, hunting and how to be a good man and a gentleman and everything else. He was funny, talented and so loving. He was an expert marksman in the Navy. I could fill this page with all that I admire about my Dad. Hit em' 300 yards now Dad and catch that big fish!

SHORTEN YOUR PUTTING STROKE - Practice inside when it's cold outside

Posted on 12/20/2023

SHORTEN YOUR PUTTING STROKE There is no excuse to stop practicing because we are having colder weather. So, pick up those clubs and use what you have at home and in your yard to work on your game. By shortening your putting stroke, you will consistently make more putts and hit the ball more solidly. ***Keep your eyes over the ball ***Ball is in front of your stance ***Feet are shoulder width apart ***For short putts, keep putter inside of right foot ***Finish with putter in line with the hole Keep practicing and reach out to me if you need some motivation.

Matt Schewe Director of Instruction Holiday Lessons

Posted on 12/11/2023

Give me a call, text or email if you're looking for the perfect gift for your golfers or anyone wanting to start. Matt Schewe 713-291-8861

gift certificates with Matt Schewe available

Posted on 12/6/2023

It's that gift giving time of year again ya'll. I have the perfect gift for your spouse, sibling, boss or friend......anybody, a golf lesson gift certificate. Give me a call, text or email, and we will work together to create the perfect gift certificate for your loved one. Matt Schewe, PGA Teaching Professional The Pearland Golf Club 2023 STPGA Teacher of the Year Director of Instruction 713-291-8861

PGA Award Ceremony for Teacher of the Year for Matt Schewe

Posted on 11/28/2023

I had one of the best days of my over 30 year career yesterday. I received my Harvey Pennick Teacher of the Year Award, and was among colleagues/friends. Here are a few photos taken, and I'm sure you can see the happiness and excitement in my smile. The reward for me is always making my students happy, however, being recognized by peers takes it to another level. Thank you all!

Brad Jordan ( Scarface) Congratulates me on Teacher of the Year Win

Posted on 11/16/2023

Thanks so much Brad Jordan ( Scarface ) for the great compliments on my STPGA Teacher of the Year Win. Working with you all these years has been so much fun. Your hard work has really paid off!! We have been working together almost 15 years. We have developed a friendship and mutual respect. It means a lot to hear these words from my students. Thanks to all of you.

four year old student and i wearing our Sunday Reds

Posted on 11/12/2023

How fun! My little 4 year old student and I were "twinning" today wearing our Sunday reds (Tiger Woods tradition). We have so much fun at our lessons. He's doing great!


Posted on 11/5/2023

I had the great pleasure of talking with my friend Doug Pike on his Sports Talk Radio show on 790 AM yesterday morning. Doug and I chatted about my recent win as the STPGA Teacher of The Year, and how happy I am about this acknowledgement of my peers. Thanks Doug for always supporting me and cheering me on. Please take a few minutes to listen to this radio interview.

Matt Schewe wins STPGA TEACHER OF THE YEAR EASTERN CHAPTER 2023 Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year

Posted on 11/1/2023

The Southern Texas PGA has announced our 2023 Section Award Winners! Check this out: I WON! STPGA TEACHER OF THE YEAR EASTERN CHAPTER 2023 Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year: Matt Schewe (Pearland Golf Club) I have been nominated 4 years in a row, and it is such an honor to have won the Eastern Chapter 2023 Southern Texas PGA Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year Named after the legendary PGA Professional and teacher Harvey Penick, this award is given to an individual for overall excellence in golf instruction. Thanks to all that nominated, voted for and have supported me. The biggest thanks goes to every one of my amazing students that keep me motivated and humbled. Last but not least thanks to my wife who has been the "wind beneath my wings" and has encouraged me to follow my dreams of dedicating myself to this great profession.

One of my Rising Junior Stars!

Posted on 10/31/2023

One of my Rising Junior Stars! Jenna’s golf swing has come a long way. Over the last few months, she has made some great changes and is sure to improve with the dedication that she is putting into her golf game. We have worked on her game AND I can see how much more confident she is every time she comes to the range. Her family is behind her 100%, and they give her all the tools she needs to be a great player and have continued success in golf. I look forward to our weekly lessons together and witnessing her improvement. Way to go Jenna. We are all very proud of you. Coach Matt

How to Grip your golf club like a pga tour player

Posted on 10/19/2023

Effortless Golf Tips by Matt Schewe PGA Teaching Professional Director of Instruction at The Pearland Golf Club 713-291-8861 GET A GRIP (How to Properly Grip a Golf Club) A consistent golf grip will improve your ball striking. Put your left hand on top so you can see 2 knuckles and point the V that your thumb and index finger create towards your right shoulder. Your right hand and thumb should cover the left thumb with V on right hand also pointing to your right shoulder Keep a relaxed grip and swing smoothly.

Golf Drills you can practice at home

Posted on 10/9/2023

"POSTURE and TAKEAWAY" Use a fence or even a wall to help you with your posture and takeaway. **Put your back close to the fence **Tilt from the hips (no hunching over) **Let your arms hang down naturally from your body **Take club back slightly inside without hitting the fence **Follow through without hitting the fence behind you or in front of you. This drill is great to help with trajectory and direction of your golf ball. I created this video during the pandemic, and I think it's a great drill to do at home OR on the course. If you are short on time and don't have time to go to the range, grab your clubs and head to your backyard or anywhere that there is a fence. KEEP PRACTICING!

I'm proud to be 29,000 Strong. We are PGA of America Golf Professionals and We love this game!

Posted on 9/27/2023

My dad started me in golf when I was almost 4 years old. Thank you dad. An old cut down Golf Club and a few golf balls and I was on my way to becoming a PGA golf professional. Over 50 years later I still love this game, and teaching at the golf course never feels like work. I talk to my dad every day and to this day the first question he asks me is how were the lessons today and how many people did you help. There is not one PGA professional that is more important than the next. Together we all work hard with one goal in mind: to introduce as many people to the game of golf, so that they can enjoy and love the game the way we do. I’m proud to be one of the 29,000 Strong. We are PGA of America Golf Professionals and “We Love this Game”. #PGAofAmerica #welovethisgame

Student wins club championship

Posted on 9/27/2023

So proud of my student, Roy Christoffel, who won the Pearland Golf Club Senior Division 1st net in the club championship! All of our lessons together and Roy's dedication to practicing paid off. WAY TO GO ROY!!!!!!

Scarface (Brad Jordan)

Posted on 9/20/2023

SHORT GAME, SHORT GAME, SHORT GAME! Over 60% of your strokes come from inside of 100 yards. It is essential that you spend a proportionate amount of time on your short game as you practice. You should devote most of your short game practice to putting and chipping. These two shots make up the majority of your short game strokes. I love it when I see the results of both weekly lessons with Brad Jordan a.k.a. Scarface as well as the practice time he puts into the game. In this video, we worked with the 52 degree wedge. Look at that smooth, EFFORTLESS, swing. The best part of this video is the smile my friend has after that beautiful shot. Keep practicing all aspects of your game between lessons.

Proud Moments - Memories

Posted on 9/11/2023

Throughout my career, I have given golf lessons to many levels of golfers, a vast range in ages, celebrites and professional athletes, retired and active. When I receive letters from my grown up junior students like the one below, I must say these bring a tear to my eyes. Golf is many different things to all of it's participants and lovers of the game. One can forget about life while hitting a ball from hole to hole. Many folks come out to discuss business in a more relaxed atmosphere. Some of my students are married couples that enjoy this great sport together. I must admit that, being a grown kid myself, I have a special place in my heart for my junior students. They start out so young and stay with me throughout the years. We joke around, watch squirrels and butterflies when they're really little, then I hear about dating and eventually where they will go to college. So many of them have kept in touch and continue lessons when they're back in town from wherever their lives have taken them. The reward for me is in sharing the love of this sport with all of my students then watching them all continue, improve, practice, laugh together and pass it along to their families. I have spent over 32 years devoting my career to this glorious game, and nothing brings me more joy than receiving letters like this one from Sophie Synek, a long-time student and friend. Her Dad is a great friend of mine now too, and it was all through GOLF! Dear Matt: Matt has been coaching me for 15 years - and counting! I was 9 when I began taking lessons hoping to fine tune my skills for STPGA Junior Golf tournaments. Now at the age of 24, I take lessons from him not only for his golden nuggets of golf knowledge, but just because I miss him! Matt is not only a great coach, but a great guy. I joke that you only need 5 minutes of a lesson for him to know everything that could be improved in your swing. He is truly a miracle worker when it comes to your golf game. I have and will follow him anywhere he goes because he’s just THAT good. Sincerely, Sophie S.


Posted on 9/3/2023

PERFECT SHOULDER SET-UP A correct shoulder set-up will increase distance and create straighter shots. Allow your right shoulder to hang naturally and you will create a slight tilt in your shoulders. This tilt will improve impact position and lower your scores. Make sure you're practicing all aspects of your game at the range and take lessons. Here's to your continued improvement!


Posted on 8/26/2023

ENDING THAT SLICE (DRIVER & IRONS)" Most slicers take the club back outside their target line on the backswing. This can create an outside path on the downswing creating an incorrect path. CORRECTIONS: *Bring club back closer to you on takeaway *Drag club back, don't lift *Turn (don't dip), let shoulder go past the ball in backswing *On downswing keep your right elbow tucked in closer to your body (creating an inside path to the ball). KEEP PRACTICING AND CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED MOTIVATION OR HAVE QUESTIONS.

JiDion Pranks Matt in Epic Video

Posted on 8/17/2023

This was so funny. I had NO IDEA that I was being pranked. Anyone who knows me is aware that I love joking around, telling jokes and appreciate a good prank. I had no idea that this was a prank until this video came out and one of my students showed it to me. Please enjoy this and have a good laugh. Matt Schewe, PGA Teaching Professional Director of Instruction

Break Out Of A Putting Slump

Posted on 8/10/2023

Effortless Golf Tips by Matt Schewe PGA Teaching Professional Director of Instruction Pearland Golf Club 713-291-8861 BREAK OUT OF A PUTTING SLUMP!!! It usually takes a change to get a new feel and start putting well again. Try this tip to shave off a few strokes from your score. Play the ball off the inside of your front foot. This will give the ball a better top spin roll and will create less backspin and side spin roll. Make sure you're practicing all aspects of your game at the range and take lessons. Here's to your continued improvement!

Brad Jordan, a.k.a. Scarface, Talks Game with Me!

Posted on 8/2/2023

My friend, Brad Jordan, Scarface, loves the game of golf, and we have worked together on his game for over 10 years. Thanks for the shoutout, Brad. Watch to the end, Brad shares some of our techniques we have worked on. Looking great, Scarface! Click on the CHECK THIS OUT tab below to watch full video. Have a great week, Matt

Tips for Golfing in Extreme Heat

Posted on 8/2/2023

The heat we have been experiencing reminds me that the key to staying healthy while playing golf or any other outdoor activity is preparation both mentally and physically. So if you're having a golf lesson or playing golf, and I hope you are, you can take steps to better prepare yourself! Remember, playing in heat means doing the best you can to conserve your energy. Here are a few tips that I practice daily as a PGA Teaching Professional standing in the extreme heat for hours on end. STAY HYDRATED: This is NOT as simple as it sounds. Drinking plenty of fluids during your round will not be enough. You need to actually begin at least one day prior to your round. Consistently hydrating every day, all day is they key to staying healthy, especially in the heat. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. WEAR PROPER CLOTHING: Choose loose, light-colored clothing made of moisture-wicking material. The goal here is to keep the clothes breathable and not have them stick to you when you start to sweat. You'll feel more comfortable, stay cooler and play better. USE SUNBLOCK: Much of the newer golf apparel has sunblock technology built in. On your skin that is exposed, use some type of sunscreen. SPF 50 is not too much. WEAR A HAT: Regular style caps are great, but they're not perfect. The bucket hat with the brim that goes all the way around may be more effective. Everyone knows that's what I wear, as goofy as I look, I swear by my bucket hat! EAT LIGHT, BUT DEFINITELY EAT SOMETHING: Again, if you want to maintain your concentration and energy levels, starving yourself is not going to help. I eat small amounts, stick to proteins and lighter foods that will fuel you, not weigh you down. WARM UP LIGHTLY: You want to be prepared for your round, so hit balls on the range and putt some on the putting green. Don't overexert yourself. Don't burn it all before you get to the first tee! All of us who love to play golf know we're going to battle the elements from time to time. Living in Houston, I face some pretty challenging elements. I love what I do, never call it a job. I teach consistency in golf, and I believe that is true in preparing for both the game and for my body to withstand the heat as well. If you're smart and prepared, you can enjoy some great times on the course where the day may be warm but your game is even hotter. See you on the range at Pearland Golf Club! Call or email me if you'd like a golf lesson. 713-291-8861