Matt Schewe:
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Matt Schewe, winner of the 2023 Eastern Chapter STPGA Teacher of the Year Award, is a Houston based golf instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience. He teaches an effortless golf swing that is repeatable and easy to learn. Find out more about what makes him uniquely qualified:

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30 years of excellence
in every lesson

As a 30+ year member of the PGA and top five teacher in Southern Texas, Matt brings decades of experience to each and every lesson. Schedule one today!

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All of the latest information about Matt, including awards, celebrity shout outs, and more, are posted on our blog.

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I have worked with a number of golf instructors over the years, but Matt is hands down one of the best. I love his simple approach. I'm amazed how he can watch a few swings and know exactly what adjustments I need to do.

- Darrell D.

Matt is a great instructor. He is patient and explains things in an easy to understand way. In a short amount of time, he coached me into a new and effortless swing. In my first 30 minute sesson, he was able to diagnose and help me correct what I was doing wrong.

- David Draper

Matt has the ability to look at your swing and see all that needs improvement. Yet, he has the mastery of pinpointing the one or two small things to begin making the greatest improvements. Matt's teaching style and experience allows any level golfer to rapidly improve.

- Blake Gilson